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Monday, July 2, 2007

History of

The history of was started in 1999.

Earlier this web does not use name HotGhost, I wanted name (Sa-Yong in Thai is mean "So scared") I'd asked my friend to venture ghost website (June 1999), unfortunately we have not enough money to register for domain name. So I wait and wait to save money enough, too late - had taken by someone else in September 1999. I still wait until December 1999 - with the name HotGhost appears in my mind. I registered via a domain hosting service 3,300 Baht ($100) at that time. On December 29, 1999. was born on earth while most of people are concerned about Y2K. has appeared on Dailynews Newspaper (Thailand) in Sunday column, "Rehoborth Graveyard" in Thai translation was printed on it with credited to Unexpected circumstance came by over bandwidth limit of free web hosting ( was suspended often then I moved it to new free web hosting service till July 2007.

Now has many stories and need tool for easy update rather than create page by page - I choose blogger as new home (July 2007)

All of stories will switch to post here from July 2007 onward.

Thanks again for your visit : )

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